Aksyos is the name of the planet in which the characters of [Project: Ascend] exist in.

Created by the Creation Dieties, Order and Chaos, Aksyos is an Earth-like telluric planet covered in both water and landmasses. It has four small moons and a ring of material floating around it that is visible from the surface. There are many landmasses, however, most of the world remains unexplored or uninhabited for various reasons - mostly due to the unpredictable nature of the planet's surface which is inhabited by an ever-changing variety of wildlife, Titans, abandoned 'projects', and dangerous magics.

Not much is known about the solar system that Akysos exists in, but the planet itself has perhaps existed for a total of 300,000 years. Nothing has quite had the chance to evolve on the surface of the planet due to the nature of its existence, rather, most things were created - much like the planet itself.

The Archives of Arkhe suggest that the planet's original name was Arkheyos, which in Arkheic means 'Origin World'. The name 'Aksyos' likely derives from the Shur's language, which is derived from the origin language Arkheic. 'Aksys' being the word for 'Creation' or 'Origin', whereas 'yos' retains its original meaning of 'world'.

Sentient Races Edit

There are currently as of Ascend: Rise to Power, three sentient races on Akysos

Humans (Shur) - The first race to be created on the planet and the originally intended dominant race of the planet. Personally created by Order (Anu). Humans are the most populous and widespread race on the planet, as well as the most established and powerful. Resourceful, adaptable, resilient, and intelligent, despite their lack of raw strength like the Diatar or innate affinity for magic like the Akyr, they are not to be underestimated. Their homeland is an island nation called Shur.

Diatar - The second race, created to uphold the legacy of the titan Diat and maintain the Forgelands after his death. Although far from the most dominant race on the planet, the dragonlike Diatar are an extremely powerful and proud race of people.

Akyr - The third race, created by Mir. Borne from its body, the tree Yggdrasil, the Akyr are a mysterious race of birdlike humanoids who have an affinity for magic. Elegant, graceful, and oftentimes considered alien to the other races of Aksyos, they dominate the Lapideus Highland primarily. They are well known for their magitech.