Ascend: Rise to Power is the name of the first main story in the Ascend universe. It details the adventures of Anzu and his friends and their quest to stop an unspeakable evil. The characters and story were created and written by the only writer, LCE.

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Night Hunter Edit

In late 2010, authors and artists AB and LCE who were frequent fanfiction collaborators and close friends, began working on an entirely original work title "Night Hunter".

In its original concept, Night Hunter was a story about the adventures and trials of a character named Alan and his half-alien friend named Leo on Earth. Alan was a New York policeman who was born to a family of monster hunters and had the ability to see monsters in disguise. Leo was originally a half-alien who was an envoy from the magical council. He approached Alan and recruited him to help them solve a problem that was threatening the balance of the world. Alan's character remained fairly consistent, as he was the creation of the other writer - AB, while Leo and the story went under many changes over the next few years.

Later in the process, Leo was an 'alien' in a human guise who had been born on Earth - experimented on to be the ultimate weapon of an empire of 'perfected' or 'ultimate' beings. The main antagonist was supposedly Solarius, who was obsessed with a perfect world. At this point, Miraulksen, a deity whose body Solarius had consumed and then used his new-found power to devour the previous universe and world where the Akyr originated from, plotted to get his strength back and end Solarius's madness with Leo and Alan's help.

However, LCE struggled with story's content, having a hard time writing the story she wanted to write as well as telling the story her friend wanted to write. In addition, LCE was barely keeping up communications with her close friend due to their graduation and lack of ability to communicate via the Internet. Other concerns began cropping up, with a few glaring similarities to popular show called Grimm.

In 2014, LCE made a decision regarding her work on Night Hunter, due to being unable to collaborate with her coworker and unable to make a decision regarding her own character and story direction. The Night Hunter project, which had gone on hiatus in 2013, was scrapped and Lydia retrofitted the content she enjoyed working on most into her personal project working-titled Project Ascend.

The current project bears little resemblance to the original concept by LCE and AB.

Rise to Power Edit

After seperating her work, LCE began redesigning characters and the world she had originally created for the backstory of Night Hunter as the main setting for Ascend. She decided that making a series would be the best bet, as she had a plan to expand the universe and design it as if it were an active, breathing world. During this point, she began creating a more fleshed out history for the setting and main themes of the story.

The plot underwent major changes during this point and was based around the concept of Ascension, which was introduced as an idea in the Night Hunter story, but was never fleshed out. The first story would detail the rewritten character formerly known as Leo, now named Anzu and the journey of his friends. Over the past three years, the story has recieved several major rewrites and still is in development.