Ascendancy is the process in which a mortal is elevated to the status of an immortal by either of the Void Primals. Originally, the soul of an individual was weighed by the Void Primal. If the darkness and light within their spirit were found to be completely balanced, they were ascended and had the power to do great or terrible things with their newfound gift.

However, after the Primals were torn apart, each of their versions of Ascendancy became drastically different with varying requirements to attain either.

Chaos's dialogue hints that the idea of Ascendancy may have been a failsafe so mortals would have a way to destroy the gods, Titans, Primals, or even the creators if they found them to be a threat to their way of life. It is even speculated that Ascendancy can eventually develop into godhood when properly mastered and that the overall power of true Ascendants does not have a known limit - which is why Order ripped apart the being responsible for Ascendancy. Perhaps the conflict between the two would result in no Ascendants being made, however, this proved to be untrue in the end.

Aether Ascendance Edit

Aether Asendancy is considered a 'normal' Ascedancy. The ascended mortal becomes immortal, unaging, and gains unimaginable power. This does not, however, mean that they are unkillable, although they are extremely difficult to extinguish. Most can heal themselves from just about any injury, although some wounds can prove to be completely fatal. They do still require food and water to survive like normal mortals, although they may not need to breathe and are generally resistant to most forms of energy-based attack (depending on aspect).

Aether Ascendants generally take up a title of the aspect they represent.

It is achieved by the power of Light filling one's soul. (However, that does not mean that someone who masters the element of Shadow is incapable of ascending, as Light is considered an 'alignment' in this case.) Most Aether Ascendants either have good intentions or have done great things. However, not all who do either of these things ascend. Aether Ascendance can be passed down to a mortal at the cost of said Ascedant's power. This allows the Ascendants to select those who may be worthy of their power if they suffer an injury, die, or decide to step down from their position.

At this point, there are possibly hundreds of Ascendants known, but they are still quite uncommon to see. Revered by all, Ascendants often hold great sway in their respective communities.

Physical Effects Edit

An Aether Ascendant gains bright, light wings in the color of whatever element they primarily use. Their eyes and markings also typically radiate with the same light. In the case of the Akyr, their tails are engulfed in light as well.

Dark Ascendance Edit

Dark Ascendancy is considered an abomination to the people of Aksyos and drastically differs from Aether Ascedance. The Dark Ascendants are unyielding and undying aberrations who do nothing but destroy or damn everything in their path. Immortal, all-powerful, and almost always vehemently evil, they turn practically into the personification of their own mortal follies. It is a gift granted to those who allow darkness to consume their soul. They seem to be able to recover from even the greatest injury and killing one has proved to be a nearly impossible task. Dark Ascendants have almost always suffered great trauma or been exceptionally sinful individuals, although only those whose potential exceeds the others are elevated to statuses of power.

Unlike Aether Ascendants, Dark Ascendants can not transfer their power to another individual in order to ascend them. Instead, they corrupt an individual by planting a Seed of Corruption in the soul of a living being. This makes them more susceptible to the darkness within their spirit. They can also corrupt both the living and dead by trapping their souls in vial-like crystalline vessels called 'Soul Prisms'. Those with exceptional power reach a point of 'pseudo-ascendancy', but all those who are corrupted in this way are completely under the thrall of their Dark Ascendant masters. After this, the body is animated through a link with the possessor of the prison. Without a soul, the body can not function on its own and needs to be given commands. Shattering the prison releases the trapped spirit and returns the indivdual to normal (as long as their body is still alive or unoccupied by another soul), but often the enthralled person is given basic aggressive commands to defend the prism at all costs. If the thrall is killed, death is, unfortunately, not reversible. However, the soul must be freed for the person to properly pass on into the afterlife.

Dark Ascendants also have the unique ability to transfer their spirit into another living body. However, this can only be done by close proximity to a vessel, by another ascendant, or by Mir itself and the vessel must be unoccupied by another soul. The new body inherits the powers of the Dark Ascendant.

Mir has no direct control over his Dark Ascendants, but they seem to be willing to do his work regardless.

Physical Effects Edit


Dark Ascendants tend to mutate in strange ways. Most will retain some semblance of their mortal form, and much like their Aether counterparts they can swap between forms at will. Sometimes they will grow crystalline structures from their bodies while in 'Ascendant Mode'. Their bodies, wings, or tails are alight in a bright purple, smokeless flame. In their ascendant forms, their mouth twists and transforms into a jagged smile, reminiscent of a Jack-O-Lantern. They often speak telepathically.

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