Cassum, also known as the Dark Ascendant of Emptiness, is the name given to a male Diatar who is legendary for his dark powers. He was imprisoned by the Akyr following the Dark Ascendant Incident.

Appearance Edit

Cassum during his life was a fairly average sized Diatar with bright red stripe-markings and red eyes. He was very typical, with black scales and a mane of sharp, poisonous quills.

After his Ascension, his wings, eyes and markings burned with a black flame. The aura around his body is white. During the Dark Ascendant Incident, it was revealed that his original body was destroyed by Ankou and he possessed the body of Torric, whom he had trapped the essence of.

After possessing Torric, he gained a considerable amount of strength and size over his original form, being quite larger and bulkier than before. He is missing his right eye.

Personality Edit

Cassum was not originally the evil being that he is today. He was once a very patient and kind individual, who preferred to look for the good in everybody. He was willing to give others second chances, even if they didn't really deserve them. This led to his kindness often being abused by others who saw this as a weakness in him, and secretly he suffered because of their actions. Others within his clan often looked up to him for his optimistic attitude, and he was not lacking in friendship or support. However, Cassum was not much of a fighter and rarely ever contributed to the defenses of their village, preferring to simply run his shop with his family.

After Cassum's friends and family were slaughtered by raiders, he dedicated his life to taking vengeance on them. However, even after he had steeled himself to fight, he was unable to bring himself to kill a single one. Faced with death and humiliation, he realized that his emotions had made him weak and allowed himself to be consumed by his own emptiness, becoming the ruthless monstrosity that he is today.

After his Dark Ascendancy, Cassum became one of the more mysterious and dangerous of the Dark Ascendants. He has no sense of mercy or kindness and only exists to serve whatever dark purpose he's been given. Unlike the other Dark Ascendants, he does not concern himself with pageantry or distract himself with petty squabbles or pointless combat beyond certain goals. Nor does he have a sense of honor. He goes out of his way simply to expose the weakness in others and sow the seeds of doubt in their hearts.

History Edit