Chaos is one half of the Creation Deity and the being which is responsible for both the creation of the universe and its destruction. It is also known by the name Arkhe (Ar-kay) by some. After the events of the Primals Wars, Arkhe's physical form was destroyed, although its spirit remained dormant in the Spirit World for the next few eons. It eventually was reborn as a mortal under the name Anzu.

Arkhe was a mysterious deity with many secrets. Legends tell of an ancient archive that contains all of Arkhe's knowledge.

Description Edit


Arkhe itself is a formless, shapeless, black, primordial ooze with bright red runes. However, it can take any form it desires. To mortals, it may appear in several forms - preferably that of a beast.

Arkhe's voice is that of both a woman and a man.

It has no discernible sex. Most refer to Arkhe as 'it' or 'they', but it has no preferred pronoun.

Personality Edit

Arkhe itself is an unpredictable creature with seemingly no care for consequences of its actions. It understands them, but regardless of outcome it chooses to do whatever it pleases. Chaos cares little for honor, law, discipline, peace, or purpose, but understands the balance of nature and the world, as it is part of it. However, Chaos is not entirely thoughtless or random. Perhaps it is strange to think, then, that most of its creations are well thought out and its actions are not without reasoning, even if that reasoning seems somewhat illogical to the observer. Chaos is a fast learner, a quick thinker, and considered the mother (or father) of the soul, innovation, emotion, conflict, and change.

Arkhe believes that absolute freedom is necessary, and whether that individual chooses to do good or evil with that freedom is of no concern. It does not believe that mortals should be destined or fated to do anything, and that none should be born with greater, or 'divine', purpose than another. Life's purpose should be left to the choices one makes, rather than the circumstances in which they were born with. Despite this, it seems to understand the fact that it has its own grim destiny. Perhaps due to this, Chaos wishes to not damn mortals into suffering the same in their short lifetimes - stuck with an unwanted fate that they cannot change. Chaos does not find mortals worthless, weak, or helpless, and feels great pride in their creation.

Arkhe occasionally grants the mortals gifts, although it rarely explains anything about them and is less straightforward than its counterpart. Conflict is as much a source of entertainment to it as growth and innovation. It takes great insult when Order cleans up its 'mistakes', which causes constant squabbling among them both.