Dark Mir, also known as just Mir, was once the single being known as the Primal of Void. He was split into two halves, the other which reflects the opposite side of him. He was the vanquished third Primal, along with Solarius and Tiamat. Mir's physical form was vanquished and became a great crystalline tree, which eventually gave birth to the Akyr.


Mir is a large, serpentine being with four great wings, thin arms, and a dragonlike head. His body is primarily pitch black and he has a mane of bright, white light which forms two large wings. His head is crowned by two large antler-like horns. He has three, glowing white eyes.  

On his back, between the glowing wings of light, he has a pure black gem that pulses with a purple light. It is known as the Seed of Corruption.  

Dark Mir is usually referred to with masculine pronouns, but like all Primals, he is physically asexual.  

Personality Edit

Mir is a quiet, observant being. He is a subtle manipulator, greedy, calculating, and cold. He takes great pleasure in destruction, but seems to take a position of indifference to most situations that he does not see beneficial or outright destructive to himself. His opinion of mortals is quite low and considers them to be weak and useless on their own and his prideful attitude causes him to refuse serving anyone other than himself. He pretends to show a great disinterest in their affairs unless it concerns or benefits him directly, but in actuality he pays close attention to their actions. Mir's desires are often shrouded in mystery, as no one quite knows what he wants.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Mir can grant the deepest desires of mortals and alter fate. His dark wishes often act as a sort of 'monkey's paw' kind of deal, giving the wisher exactly what they ask for - usually with dire consequences. Thus, his deeds are often seen as curses. Although there isn't exactly a discussed 'price' for his deals, Mir uses these wishes to bind his will to a mortal, creating proxies or servants that can do as he commands.

If a servant dies, Mir can reclaim the soul from the body and summon them time and time again in different empty vessels, until their task is complete.

He is quite powerful and isn't afraid to use the full extent of his powers to punish his enemies. Unlike his other half, he tends to favor simply offensive type spells and unleashes dark elemental powers on enemies or causes them to suffer intense agonizing pain. However, it is likely that he possesses the same powers as Light Mir, but his intentions reflect themselves in his power.

Dark Mir is incapable of fully asserting his will over his Ascendants (at least outside of his realm), he is, however, able to influence their minds if need be, much like his counterpart, although he usually does so by amplifying their negative emotions.


Dark Mir, once combined with its other half Light Mir [Aether], was once a complete being with powers over the void. Created with the ability to do as it pleases, with no purpose, Mir was undeniably one of the most powerful beings in the universe, for even the creators in all their power, had no way to break free of their set roles. However, the deity Order (Anu) saw the destructive potential of an uncontrolled entity and tore it asunder, creating the two halves of Mir that exist today.

Both Dark and Light Mir were given the purpose of serving mortals. Originally, they were to slowly distribute their power to mortals that found inner balance and chose to embrace a great destiny. However, Dark Mir had no desire to act as a servant to anyone, especially mortals. Expressing his distaste of his given role to Arkhe (Chaos), Dark Mir and the Chaos deity came to an agreement - Order would need to be destroyed so they could be truly free. Joined by the other Primals, with the exclusion of Aether, they mounted an attack on the Order deity. As the battle raged on, Order and Chaos fought evenly matched, however, with the Primals backing Chaos, they had the upper hand against Anu.

At that moment, Mir saw the potential power of the two deities if they had worked together - the Singularity known as Destruction. Intensely outraged by the squandering of their power and their incomplete state, much like they had squandered his own power, his resentment for their flaws and mistakes caused him to fly into a fit of rage and command his allies to attack both of the deities. However, Anu and Arkhe came to an agreement at the last second and used the remaining power in their physical forms to seal away and destroy the physical forms of the hostile Primals.

Mir's spirit was sealed away in the crystallized remains of his body - the tree Yggdrasil, where he, for many years plotted his revenge against the Creators.

Trivia Edit

  • Mir's name comes from the word 'mirror', which is a pun regarding the fact the two Mir are reflections of each other. Mir is only half of 'mirror'.
  • Dark Mir's original full name was Miraulksen. The writer changed it because it felt like a mouthful.
  • At one point in development, Mir was actually benevolent. He was changed fairly early on into an Anti-Villain before being shifted into the main antagonist slightly before Night Hunter's change to Ascend.

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