Elana is the half-Shur/half-Akyr girl who is the apprentice of Ankou. She hails from an island in the Shur empire. Her mother was one of the Daughters of Truth and her father was an Akyr adventurer. She is the other main character alongside Anzu.

Description Edit

Elana is a female half-Shur, half-Akyr girl, roughly about twenty years of age (relative to Earth humans). Being a half-breed, she possesses features of both species. At first glance, she would look mostly Shur, however where humanlike ears would be, she has longer, pointy fuzzy ears, similar to an Akyr and she possesses a short, fluffy tail. She looks similar to an Akyr in their human form, but has no mane or body hair, with the exception of her ears, head, and tail. Her skin is a pale peach color and her hair is a cherry color, with her ears and tail being a slightly more muted shade of cherry. Her eyes are gold.

In the beginning of the story, she wears a red cloak with an intricate golden trim, light pink tunic with a brown leather belt, and beige pants, similar to Anzu's. She wears thigh-high leather boots that are reinforced.

Personality Edit

Elana is a determined and brave young woman. She can be very cunning, although she abides by a strict moral code, in sharp contrast to Anzu, which means she usually tries her best to consider others. She is far more organized and level-headed than Anzu and less prone to outbursts or aggression. The two make a good duo, as she helps reign in his impulsive side, and pauses to help him think things through more critically. She has a tendency to hesitate and second-guess herself, as she is not very confident in her abilities. She is typically quite shy, with a fair amount of anxiety and often has a hard time explaining herself or making good decisions when nervous, but isn't lacking in bravery when the need arises. She has been shown at times to be very headstrong and independent and greatly dislikes remaining passive, a trait which puts her at odds with her master at times. Elana has a snarky, cynical side, which she only shows very occasionally.

She has a good heart, but isn't so naive as to let others take advantage of her inexperience. She cares very deeply about her duties as Ankou's apprentice, but does not claim to be experienced or truly knowledgeable about everything that her duties entail. She is polite and respectful as a result of her upbringing, but remains wary of other people and their intentions.

History Edit

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Relationships Edit

Anzu Edit

Elana stepped in to defend Anzu when she felt as if he were being unfairly accused of a crime based on his race. However, this resulted in the both of them getting arrested and kidnapped. Anzu felt bad for letting her get involved and set out to rescue the both of them from the situation, however Elana was extremely wary of the sneaky thief. The two came to rely on each other for the escape, quickly bonding over their mutual desire to survive. Since then, they have been shown to be practically inseparable, although they do squabble from time to time. Despite their arguments though, they have deep feelings for one another and are willing to go any distance to protect each other.

Ankou Edit




Elana does not possess the natural shapeshifting abilities of an Akyr.
Longevity - Because she is half-Akyr, Elana will not likely grow old.


Spirit Magic - Elana possesses the ability to use Spirit-Magic, which allows her to manipulate magic from the Spirit World and communicate with the dead.
Spiritflame - A dangerous magical fire formed by volatile spirit energy. It has enough force to blast steel off walls and knock a grown human unconcious. If used too liberally on a target, they tend to attract hostile spirits and curses, which feed on the life-force of the unfortunate victim.
Spiritmend - Magic which can be used to cure curses and heal wounds on the living. It can also be used on both the living and dead to bring them into a state of tranquility and ease pain. 


Sword-Fighting - Elana is skilled with a rapier and has elegant, graceful footwork, although she much prefers using magic since it is simply more convenient. 


  • Elana's name and role as Anzu's friend is an homage to Ascend's old concept - Night Hunter. In Night Hunter, there was a NYC policeman named Alan Johnson who becomes Leo's (Anzu's) friend after rescuing him.