Iblis after his corruption. (Current)

Iblis, the Dark Ascendant of Pride, also formerly known as the High Priest or Great Seer, was one of the first-generation Akyr. He was also the first to mate and father offspring, having one daughter. Iblis's former position in Akyrian society was of extremely high rank, acting as an adviser to the Queens and royal family, and rarely acted as a delegate to other communities outside of the Akyr kingdom. He was considered Akyrian aristocracy and held a position on the council up until Queen Sorcha's reign, who removed him after finding out about his assassination attempt on her family and the successful assassination of the first Queen, Artemis.

Iblis was banished to the Garden of Decay, where the tree the Akyr were born from (Yggdrasil) still stands.

Appearance Edit


Prior to his corruption, Iblis was a rather average-height black Akyr with a long purple tail and purple wings. His eyes are a pale, ghostly blue. The hair atop his head was once a meticulously groomed lavender fauxhawk. His wings were removed as part of his banishment to the Garden of Decay, leaving small remnants of what once were the wings, including a few feathers. His right index toe is missing.

Post-corruption, Iblis regained his wings, now ever-burning in bright, violet flames, as well as his tail. On his shoulders, back, and abdomen, he possesses purple, glowing markings. Crystalline growths sit atop his head, although one of them appears to have been broken off.

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History Edit

Iblis is one of the first-generation Akyr and the first to father Akyr offspring. His mate, a female Akyr who has gone unnamed, was drawn into the depths of the Garden of Decay and was crushed to death by the Dark Titan, leaving him alone to raise their daughter. Iblis's contempt for his daughter stems from the fact that she directly led to the death of his mate, as she escaped in the middle of the night to play among the glowing crystals in the Garden. However, upon her rescue, Iblis found that the crystals had a draining effect on the Dark Titan's power, after plunging one in its back when trying to rescue his mate.

Iblis had no time to revel in his discovery, though, as he spent quite some time languishing in despair after his mate's death. It wasn't until over three months later that he met up with Artemis and Orion after their failed encounter with the Dark Titan and told them of his encounter. After which, the trio used the information, as well as Orion's newfound abilities to experiment with the Dark Titan's weakness regarding Yggdrasil's crystals. By removing or breaking the crystals on the Dark Titan, as well as simply injuring the Titan with a foreign crystal, the Titan would be weakened. However, when left in the Titan for prolonged periods, the crystals did no additional damage, but it was still vulnerable to the initial impact, whereas regular weapons did nothing to it. Artemis and Orion sought to make an army that could beat the Titan, but had no way of telling if they would actually be able to fell the beast.

Six months after Iblis joined the group, Hephaestus returned with the power of the dormant Titan, Diat, as the Ascendant of the Forge. With his newfound power, he, Orion, and Artemis were able to forge weapons that could exploit the weakness of the Dark Titan and gather an army. Iblis, however, did not participate in the gathering of the armies or the final battle with the Titan, as the trio was worried about the safety of his daughter, noting that she was not as strong, knowledgeable, or powerful as any of the first-generation of Akyr (simply because she was a child at the time, although the Akyr did not entirely understand this).

The public praised Iblis for his significant contribution, boosting the ego of the previously downtrodden Iblis. However, the praises that he received soon faded as the tale of the legendary three heroes grew in popularity. Envious and spiteful that the public viewed the trio as the great heroes when it was primarily his own contribution that spelled victory for the Akyr caused him to plot Artemis's assassination in an attempt to reveal the weakness of the trio. In the midst of the years he spent brooding, he was not entirely unproductive. He would usher in a school of magic that allowed for the creation of energy crystals which were used to power Akyrian technology based around the crystalline growths surrounding the tree in which the first-gen Akyr were born from. Using this, he once again had the public's eye, but he still plotted the Queen's demise. At the twentieth anniversary of the Dark Titan's death, Iblis poisoned the Queen's wine, which caused her to fall ill and die. Orion fled afterwards, feeling as without his mate's company, he had no place in the Akyrian kingdom, and Hephaestus slunk away into his forge, shying away from the attention of the public.

Iblis was not crowned king, despite holding the highest position in Akyrian society after Hephaestus. Instead, Orion and Artemis's daughter was crowned, but with the original trio broken apart, Iblis had his vengeance. For thousands of years afterwards, Iblis served in the royal court and continued to pass on his magical knowledge to the most capable students. However, he would make sure none were more powerful than himself, subtly attempting to undermine the power of the kingdom so he would always stand on top.

Eventually, after the Akyrian rebellion against the sixth Queen, the young female named Sorcha took over the throne as the seventh. Orion's secret apprentice, a young male peasant named Cain, began investigating the death of the first queen, drawing him closer to Iblis's secrets. Disliking the fact that Cain reeked of a potential higher than his own and that he had a habit of not keeping his nose to himself, Iblis arrested and imprisoned Cain for his 'snooping' in the royal estate, which caused Cain to eventually enter the gladiatorial arena to earn his freedom from his imprisonment. There, Cain wore the insignia that Orion had given him as his token and it was discovered by Hephaestus and Sorcha that Orion was alive. With this knowledge, they freed Cain, although Iblis opposed his claim as he felt like the insignia was not proof enough.

Sorcha and Cain grew close in the following years, even though Cain had reached a point in which the investigation's trail went cold. Still, Cain continued serving the kingdom. Their friendly relationship and blossoming romance irritated Iblis to no end. He already disliked Sorcha's dismissal of his ways, as well as her own personal power, so he began plotting both her and Cain's demise.

During this time, Sorcha and Cain had already began to secretly suspect Iblis and set Iblis's daughter (Anima) against him, which she did gladly, given her poor treatment by her father. Anima closely observed her father, who had become arrogant and sloppy in his actions. Eventually, she was able to discover her father's treachery and plot to kill the current Queen, although there was no way to prove that he was responsible for Artemis's death.

Iblis was sentenced to a fate worse than death - banishment to the Garden of Decay, a crater in which the first generation of Akyr were born; a crater known for eventually making all that wander in its depths for extended periods fall to madness. As part of his punishment, his wings were removed so he could not escape the steep cliffs of the valley he was condemned to die in. However, during transit, he managed to escape from his captors and slipped away into the dense forests of Aksyos.

Iblis's fate following his banishment is unknown.

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