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Ascend: Rise to Power

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Details about the humanoid races of Aksyos.

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Human (Shur) | Diatar | Akyr

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Currently none.

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Details about the magical or 'ascended' beings of Aksyos and other planes.

Immortals Edit

Ascendant | God | Titan | Primal | Creator

Lesser Edit

Elemental | Void Terrors

Ephemerals Edit

The Singularity

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This is a category for all characters. Eventually better navigation will be added and some names might reoccur.

Main (Heroes) Edit

Anzu | Elana | Ankou | Aether

Reoccurring/Secondary Edit

Cain | Hephaestus | Ko | Sorcha | Horatio | King Albas | 42 | Takata

Villains Edit

Torric | Dark Mir | Iblis | Prince Avris | Ulaka

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Artemis | Orion | Chaos | Order | The Dark Titan | Archive Titan One | Diat | The Shadowmancer

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Details about the locations and settings of the story. A LOT to be added. Minor locations are added as they're introduced.

Aksyos Edit

Shur (landmass) Edit

Shur (kingdom) | The Walled City

Lapideus Continent Edit

Lapideus Mountains | Lapideus Highlands | The Forgelands


Libra'um | Diat's Hammer | Sunfall | Akyria | Yggdrasil


Take everything with a grain of salt. Most, if not all articles, are in a constant state of change. As such, the name of the project is also Ascend, changed from its old title Night Hunter.

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