The Great Hunter, Master, The First Akyr




Hunter, King (formerly), Founder


Anzu (decendant)
Sorcha (decendant)
Artemis (wife)
Hephaestus (brother)


Chaotic Good


Unknown (presumed deceased)

Orion, also known as The Great Hunter, was one of the Three Great Founders of Akyria. He was legendary for his ability to sense the weak points of any enemy accurately. There are no official records of his death and his current status is unknown, although most assume he has passed.

He was married to Artemis and they had one daughter. His twin brother was Hephaestus.


Orion was a fairly above average-height Akyr, standing at about 5'8 in height. His fur/feathers were purple with red tips on his tail, wings, and ears. He wore fairly little to no armor. His eyes are red and it is implied that he is blind, often carrying with him a staff or cane to help him navigate. There are obvious scars on his back, chest, and face, likely from previous encounters.

Personality Edit

Orion was a brash, arrogant individual who proved himself to be an audacious and powerful leader. He was born an extremely passionate person, unlike his brother who never quite dreamed 'big enough' for the young Akyr. It is perhaps why he found himself in the company of Artemis, whose dreams of uniting their people and defeating the Dark Titan inspired him to take action.

After Orion's partial corruption from the Dark Titan, he grew distant and secretive, often brooding. His pride left him, however, his brother's unwavering support and Artemis's unfaltering will inspired him to use his newfound abilities to secure their place in the world. He swore from that point on to never lose faith in himself or his people and served their newfound kingdom with wisdom and moderation until his wife's death.