The Shur are a race of seafaring people who hail from an island nation by the same name. They are almost endlessly trying to expand their empire through conquest. The most populous race on the face of Aksyos, they are led by the child of Order, the God King of Truth and his many demigod sons.


The Shur are humans. They are plantigrade bipeds that stand perfectly upright and tall. Unlike the other 'elevated' races of Aksyos, they are the only ones to not possess tails. They stand taller than the Akyr, although their average height pales in comparison to the towering Diatar.

Strangely enough, the humans of Aksyos are capable of producing offspring with the other two races, and although cross-species unions are uncommon, the children born from them typically take more from the human parent than the parent of the other race.

Culture Edit

The Shur are a proud people with a lust for adventure and the desire to achieve great things. Great social pressure is put on individuals to make a name for themselves, especially given that they have the shortest lifespan of any greater species on Akysos. The Shur themselves are somewhat xenophobic towards other races, with the desire to destroy those which they cannot conquer. Slavery is also not an uncommon occurrence in the Shur lands, although actual human slaves are quite rare. Oftentimes, slaves will last several generations and be passed down through a family.

However, not all Shur approve of slavery or despise the other races. In fact, many of the cities on the eastern landmass on Aksyos are home to the many different races who choose to move there willingly. Cross species unions, while uncommon, aren't illegal, but are generally considered taboo in a cultural sense. In cities like Libra'um, it is illegal to deny one opportunity or service based on their race, although racism is still quite prevalent.