The Sun Primal, Sunfather, God of the Sun, The Light of Aksyos




Chaotic Evil




Chaos (parent)
Tiamat / Aether / Miraulksen (equals)

The Sun Primal, also known as Solarius, is the ruler of the Plane of Earth and Fire. He is one of the four Primals of Aksyos.


Solarius is a huge dragon-like creature with two flaming wings and a serpentine body. He is covered in bright red scales, and magma leaks from under them. He has two arms, and long, clawed fingers. His primary weapons are a shield and spear. He has a long flaming mane, with fire running down his spine and ending at the tip of his tail. His lower jaw is made of flame. He has four long horns. Two stick straight back, while the others curl downward, like ram horns. His eyes are burning red.

He has a pulsating stones located on his arms. They seem to be split in two, although if he holds his forearms together, it completes the Sol stone.


Solarius, much like the his other counterpart Tiamat, has not been shown to have much of a personality. He seems to uphold whatever cause Miraulksen has given him, willing to sacrifice his life if need be. According to Chaos, he is extremely stubborn and tends be be quick-tempered and destructive.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit