Sorcha, the Wildfire Queen

Queen Sorcha is the eighth Queen of the Akyr, daughter of ascendant Prince Zeus (Ascendant of the Sky). Sorcha is considered a demigod and is one of the most powerful non-ascendant Akyr in history. Since she was the daughter of Prince Zues (who had no claim to the throne, as he was male), she was the last in the current line to become the queen. Her grandmother, Rhea, was the current queen and her [Rhea's] firstborn daughter was to take the throne.

Sorcha became ruler by eliminating the Queen and other potential heirs in honorable combat during the Akyrian Rebellion. Rather than wait for the others' careful planning to eliminate the previous Queen and her supporters, Sorcha personally challenged them all at once to combat-to-the-death and won the respect of her people by defeating them all single-handedly.

Her one and only consort is Cain and they have one son, Anzu.


Sorcha is well-known as one of the most powerful rulers in the Akyr's history. She is extremely hot-headed and firey, as she never holds back how she truly feels about a situation. Sorcha is somewhat unpopular with dipomats due to this and her pride likely kept her from ending the war with the Shur. She is arrogant, although rightfully so as not many have ever been able to stand up to her. Her sheer force of will is enough to get her through most situations and her brash sense of tenacity, even if a little obnoxious at times, is well-admired by her many followers and people, whom both she unwaveringly supports and they support her in turn. 

Sorcha is prone to rash decisions and poor planning, but usually upholds honor and loyalty above all else. Although she is known for brutality over tact, Sorcha prefers giving people a fair chance to prove they are worth something to her before casting them aside. Sorcha also isn't one for traditions and has sought to rid the Akyrian kingdom of more 'archaic' practices.

It is noted that Anzu takes after her.