Hephaestus the Forgemaster, also known as just "The Forgemaster", is one of the Three Great Founders of the Akyrian society and the first known Ascendant. He was the first to establish contact with the Diatar, who gave him the hammer of Diat as a gift of good will between their people. His ascendancy is likely related to this object.

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Hephaestus is a large, bulky Akyr, with the physique of one who has spent most of his days working as a smith. He stands at much taller than the others of his kind, bordering on the height of your average Diatar - about eight feet. Hephaestus, unlike many Ascendants, does not bother to hide his true form from others. His thick mane, wings, and tail are alight in an eternal flame and his eyes burn like hot coals. His fur is ashen grey, the same color he was born with. His right leg, from his knee down has been replaced with a bronze-colored, mechanical prosthetic.

Hephaestus, despite his status as a Forgemaster and Master Craftsman, does not wear much armor. He wears a plain leather kilt, adorned with the colors of the Akyrian kingdom and the symbol of their people.

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Hephaestus is a creature of few words and spends most of his time alone in his workshop. He is at his core a kindhearted Akyr, although he lacks patience for any sort of tomfoolery or hesitation in the hearts of his fellows. He is a strong, caring leader, willing to go through great lengths to defend the honor and pride of his people. That being said, he does not consider himself a fighter, and is more of a craftsman. Hephaestus is somewhat prideful, but has never been the ambitious sort, working towards the goals of his peers rather than his own.

Hephaestus only participates in battle during times of great need.

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