Tiamat, also known as the Primal of Water and Wind, is the goddess who represents the Plane of Water and Wind on Aksyos. She is one of the four Primals.

Description Edit

Tiamat is a large, serpentine creature with a dragonlike head. Her face is made of a large stone plate, and she has six horns that arch slightly upwards. Her body is made of pure water and her skeleton, made of ice, is seen suspended within her. Her spine has many protruding ice and stone spikes, with a myriad of ships and debris caught between them.

Although she is not seen with wings, her body is malleable and she can create great ice wings by simply willing it.

Much like the other Primals, she has a gemstone pulsating with power. This ice-blue stone is located on the center of her head. It is known as the Storm Sapphire.

Personality Edit

Tiamat, much like the her other counterpart Solarius, has not been shown to have much of a personality. She seems to uphold whatever cause Miraulksen has given her, willing to sacrifice her life if need be. According to Chaos, she is typically patient, flexible, and slow to anger, although her fury is that of a great storm.